System Preferences

People usually show a right-ear (left-hemisphere) advantage for words, digits, nonsense syllables, Morse code, difficult rhythms, and the ordering of temporal information, whereas they show a left-ear (right-hemisphere) advantage for melodies, musical chords, environmental sounds, and tones of the voice. Similar differences have been found for other senses as well. Sam Harris, Waking Up: A Guide […]

Death Fugue: Operation Nifty Package Redux

Olympic Scupture Park, Seattle, Winter 2014 Malcolm Gladwell recounts the final days of the 1993 Waco, Texas standoff in his excellent article “Sacred and Profane” from the March, 31 issue of the New Yorker. He specifically cities a new memoir by Clive Doyle, a survivor of the incident and a follower of the millennialist Branch Davidians. Gladwell’s article […]

Silence Is Golden

“I have nothing to say and I am saying it.” This is what I know about sound… for now. I’ll assume Earthlings have always thought critically about sound.  I might be giving us too much credit… Bernie Krause, the author of The Great Animal Orchestra (2012), started his career as a session guitarist for Motown recordings–he […]