Scoring: Music for Making Whoopee (NSFW)

Great music offers a glimpse at the pinnacle of human potential. Other music, ephemeral and utilitarian, never makes it out of base camp–or perhaps the gutter. Adult film music likely fits this second description but its reputation may be on the rise. I saw this article on “how sex got its soundtrack” from Salon and couldn’t help […]

Irv Teibel’s Music of the Future (1969-79)

UPDATE 12/16/15: Are you a fan of Irv’s work? Want to collaborate or share your personal story of discovering the environments series? Drop me a line at jonathaneennewton [at] gmail [dot] com. Exciting projects in the works. UPDATE 10/8/14: I’m now working with Syntonic Research, Irv Teibel’s label, to sort through his papers and recordings […]

Music Is _____

What is music?  What is music?  What is music?  Though not a tonal language per se, English is a language of inflection and affection. We find ourselves enrapt with music’s ineffable characteristics, however to reach an agreeable definition seems impossible and ill advised.  Below represents the dynamic and diverse conclusions of composers, philosophers and, of course, musicians on the […]