2014 Music List… Obligatory Hurray!!

This list is for fun (and just my opinion). Many of my favorites hurtled from the orbit of obscurity, but, some didn’t exit the atmosphere. But hey, the cream doesn’t always float to the top. (And sometimes you have to mix metaphors.) I hope you discover a new favorite below and let me know what rocked your world in the […]

Not Like the Others

Musical genres don’t mean a thing today.  In a long lost era, they might have helped record labels and stores (remember those?) categorize music, but since Y2K they’ve simply closed peoples minds and ears more than opened them.  It’s not that I think music is above nomenclature–obviously philosophers don’t believe thought is beyond words–but music should define […]

Teary-Eyed Tunes

From the moment of conception, we begin compiling playlists for our funerals.  My grandmother’s is slated to be a multi-day lollapalooza. As you can probably guess, this post is about how sounds play to our emotions.  Think back to your most visceral art experiences–a spontaneous concert or a midnight showing.  Can you remember an instance […]

Meu Brasil Brasileiro

Maria Bethania, João Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, and Gilberto Gil I’m currently on a Brazilian music kick; specifically the bossa and MPB of giants like Caetano, Jobim and both Gilbertos.  While devouring every syncopated beat within earshot, I realized Brazil has produced hella good guitarists.  In the spirit of my recent list of cellists, I thought, why […]

Music for Hurricanes (2012)

On the occasion of hurricane Sandy’s, aka Frankenstorm‘s, arrival. There are currently a slew of performers hauling the cello from the dusty classical closet and onto the rockpopmetalbluegrass stage.  My goal is to create a comprehensive list of cellists–because I haven’t already found one myself–who walk on the wild side.  I plan to update this […]