ART/4/LIFE: #6 – Carlo Gesualdo

Carlo Gesualdo, the Prince of Venosa, is one of the great myths in Western music. He’s remembered for his sinister acts of vengeance as much as he is for penning intensely chromatic and passionate madrigals, which, even today sound terrifyingly modern. However, his music is deceptively anachronistic. At the same time he thrust word painting beyond the […]

ART/4/LIFE: #5 – Alejandro Jodorowsky

El amor es un intercambio de silencios. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a prophet. If you saw the recent documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, you know he’s a bit of a madman as well. But for someone interested in psychomagic, esotericism, and penning comics, perhaps he’s quite sane. My first plunge into his world was Santa Sangre (1989) and its resplendent palette, mythic imagery, and […]

ART/4/LIFE: #3 – Masaaki Yuasa

I thought I’d feature someone who recently rekindled my love of animation. Masaaki Yuasa is a visionary Japanese animator who spins surreal, irreverent, and improvisitory tales of wonder. Though they’re equally brilliant, he’s kind of like the anti-Miyazaki. I first heard of Yuasa, I suppose like many Westerners, through his 2004 masterpiece Mind Game. This film […]