ART/4/LIFE: #5 – Alejandro Jodorowsky

El amor es un intercambio de silencios. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a prophet. If you saw the recent documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune, you know he’s a bit of a madman as well. But for someone interested in psychomagic, esotericism, and penning comics, perhaps he’s quite sane. My first plunge into his world was Santa Sangre (1989) and its resplendent palette, mythic imagery, and […]

System Preferences

People usually show a right-ear (left-hemisphere) advantage for words, digits, nonsense syllables, Morse code, difficult rhythms, and the ordering of temporal information, whereas they show a left-ear (right-hemisphere) advantage for melodies, musical chords, environmental sounds, and tones of the voice. Similar differences have been found for other senses as well. Sam Harris, Waking Up: A Guide […]

ART/4/Life: #4 – Seven Swans

Sufjan Stevens mixes autobiography, religious fantasy, and regional history to create folk songs of grand proportions. I must have been sixteen that day in Cheapo Records in Minneapolis. I spotted the goofy album art in an ancient listening station: a man standing with a cigar, the Chicago skyline, Superman. The man invited me to “feel the Illinoise.” […]