Irv Teibel’s Music of the Future (1969-79)

UPDATE 12/16/15: Are you a fan of Irv’s work? Want to collaborate or share your personal story of discovering the environments series? Drop me a line at jonathaneennewton [at] gmail [dot] com. Exciting projects in the works. UPDATE 10/8/14: I’m now working with Syntonic Research, Irv Teibel’s label, to sort through his papers and recordings […]

Roomful of Teeth

When you hear the name Roomful of Teeth what image comes to mind? Perhaps a brutal Swedish metal group invoking a pagan mosh. Or maybe a mid-70s Italian exploitation film filled with vampiric episodes. In Pee Wee’s Playhouse both guesses would be correct, however this is the realm of new music where esoterica thrives and fragment-sentenced band […]

Symphony of the Birds

This stunning “symphony” is pieced together from bird calls recorded by Jerry and Norma Stilwell. Jim Fassett then overlayed the sped-up and slowed-down calls to simulate the varied timbres of an orchestra. The work is divided into three parts–Andante e lirico, Buffo, and Misterioso–and premiered on Fassett’s Sunday afternoon CBS radio program. Messiaen would have been […]