ART/4/LIFE: #7 – Vincent Moon

I’ve followed Vincent Moon’s films since the nascent days of YouTube. It’s near impossible to overstate how important his Take Away Shows with La Blogothèque have been for filmed music in the 21st century. Today you’ll find countless imitators of his style: long, uninterrupted shots that float between brutal closeups of the performers and curious onlookers. His style reminds me of the musical sketches of Les Blank and D. A. Pennebaker. Since leaving France, however, Moon’s traveled the world documenting an astonishing breadth of folk and popular music and releasing everything under the Creative Commons license.

I’m especially excited for his new project, Híbridos, which is based in Brazil, where I lived for a year. The website describes it as a”transmedia” ethnographic film on the modern religious cults of Brazil. That country is an amazing microcosm for studying syncretic trends worldwide so keep it on your radar. My favorite film series by Moon is from his time in the Caucasus. Watch this stunning portrait of the northeast Georgian region of Tusheti, its people and its music.

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