2014 Music List… Obligatory Hurray!!

This list is for fun (and just my opinion). Many of my favorites hurtled from the orbit of obscurity, but, some didn’t exit the atmosphere. But hey, the cream doesn’t always float to the top. (And sometimes you have to mix metaphors.) I hope you discover a new favorite below and let me know what rocked your world in the […]

Reel Sounds… Mica Levi’s Under the Skin

I’m a film music junkie and 2014 produced some especially noteworthy scores. I’ve wanted to mention my favorites on this site for longer than I care to admit. So here it goes. From now on, I’ll regularly pluck out a score, that, for whatever reason, I find intriguing. From time to time, I also plan to pontificate […]

ART/4/LIFE: #3 – Masaaki Yuasa

I thought I’d feature someone who recently rekindled my love of animation. Masaaki Yuasa is a visionary Japanese animator who spins surreal, irreverent, and improvisitory tales of wonder. Though they’re equally brilliant, he’s kind of like the anti-Miyazaki. I first heard of Yuasa, I suppose like many Westerners, through his 2004 masterpiece Mind Game. This film […]