ART/4/LIFE: #1- Elis Regina

I had an off-the-wall idea to start a series on the art that’s made me who I am. Anyone who knows me, or any reader of this blog, probably surmised that art isn’t just what I do but it’s who I am. As cheesy as that sounds, I would go as far to say that art has saved my life more than once. In thanks, I’d like to recognize the works and people who’ve shaped my creative perceptions. I inaugurate ART4LIFE with Elisa Regina and Tom Jobim performing “Inútil Paisagem.”

This song embodies that ephemeral Brazilian sentiment of “saudade” that I’ve written about before. The Portuguese lyric talks about how even nature can seem meaningless after a breakup–a dismal existential position for sure. In this stripped down version, Jobim’s jagged piano jabs compliment Elis’ languid treatment of each note in an unforgettable way.

One thought on “ART/4/LIFE: #1- Elis Regina

  1. Wonderful version of this song. You can feel the beauty balanced with the sadness and the swing of the bass line to undercut a little of the “saudade.”

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