Roomful of Teeth

When you hear the name Roomful of Teeth what image comes to mind? Perhaps a brutal Swedish metal group invoking a pagan mosh. Or maybe a mid-70s Italian exploitation film filled with vampiric episodes. In Pee Wee’s Playhouse both guesses would be correct, however this is the realm of new music where esoterica thrives and fragment-sentenced band […]

Manifest Minimalism

The the manifest destiny of American music is alive and well. While conductor Michael Tilson Thomas presents his American Mavericks programs dedicated to the unbridled creativity of composers from Ives to Monk, sound artist Dan Deacon engages his fans by crowdsourcing his own light show. Without generalizing the diversity right out of the avant-garde, I’m confident the ideas of expansiveness and innovation are embedded, […]

I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One

I’m currently reading Kay Larson’s fantastic Where the Heart Beats, which highlights the impact of Zen Buddhism on post-WWII classical music. The fact that Larson is a practicing Buddhist, in addition to a respected art critic, makes this book an especially unique compilation of biography and personal history. It’s structure often references John Cage’s posthumous “dialogues” with Erik Satie when […]